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Ducks Unlimited Canada

Business Spotlight: Ducks Unlimited Canada!

From small startups to decades old non-profits, SuiteWorks is the flexible home of so many incredible businesses. So, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of the amazing companies that do business at SuiteWorks!

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ducks Unlimited Canada is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and the associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, and even people! To date, they have conserved and restored over 6.2 million acres of wetlands, influencing a further 223.1 million acres, through the 12, 329 habitat projects under their care.

Why wetlands? Well, they provide so much remarkable value that it’s hard to understate their importance to our ecosystem. They naturally improve water quality, provide flood and shoreline erosion control, are home to countless species of wildlife, and much more.

What Does Ducks Unlimited Canada Do?

So much!  More specifically, they work in four different areas:

Wetland Conservation

With 70% of wetlands already being destroyed, they work hand-in-hand with Canadians to conserve the remaining wetlands. While they have over 85 years of conservation under their belt, the work is far from complete, if it ever will be!


How can we ensure the future of wetlands is secure? By educating the next generation of inquisitive minds! Ducks Unlimited engages students through online learning programs and wetland centre of excellence. They also highlight wetland heroes and have even formed the first-ever Youth Advisory Council to learn from young Canadians’ perspective!

Invasive Species

Sometimes conservation isn’t enough! Ducks Unlimited help protect wetlands from living organisms that have been transported (often accidentally) to a new region. Climate change is always bringing with it new ways for invasive species to find their way into Canadian wetlands.


Finally, Ducks Unlimited invest in research and innovation when it comes to wetland preservation and protection. They use a big-picture approach to help uncover the unique relationships between wetlands, waterfowl, watersheds, biodiversity, at-risk species, and more!

How Can You Support Ducks Unlimited Canada?

There are plenty of ways you can help support the conservation of Canadian wetlands!

Donate Directly

You can make a one-time donation, set up a monthly donation, become a member, gift donations, and more!

Leave A Legacy

Give future generations the opportunity to experience nature, even after you’re gone, through gifts in your will, securities, or land donations.

Attend An Event

Join one of Ducks Unlimited’s fun and exciting events! They host both virtual and in-person events like raffles, auctions, rides, walks, and more!

Get Involved

Take a more hands-on approach and start volunteering today!

There are actually even more ways to support them, so head over to their website and check them all out.

Want to learn even more about Ducks Unlimited Canada? Check out the latest episode of The SuiteWorks Podcast!

This week’s episode welcomes Jennifer Lavigne, Conservation Program Specialist for Ducks Unlimited Canada! Join host Kerri Diggle as she explores the purpose behind Ducks Unlimited Canada and why they love their partnership with SuiteWorks! “Wetlands are important for a variety of different reasons, but they’re also threatened as well.”


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