Coworking Benefits

Coworking Benefits: For You, For Your Business!

The days of full-time office work are slowly disappearing, thanks in part to the myriad of coworking benefits businesses receive at places like SuiteWorks.

Whether or not companies stick with a 100% remote working schedule or move to a hybrid model, very few are taking steps to permanently move back into an office building. From employees all the way up the line to the head honcho, people are not willing to give up the newfound positives for the vapid sense of constant oversight.

While we certainly have some skin in the game, we do think that a hybrid approach sits perfectly between the two options. It allows people to gain the benefits of both, while limiting the downside at the same time. What benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked!


Report after report continues to surface about the increases in productivity that are gained when offering hybrid freedom. Many believe that without oversight, employees would be less inclined to work hard, and nothing is farther from the truth. For example, a Stanford study found in this article found that office workers were actually 13% less productive than their at-home counterparts.

The truth is that when you give people freedom, a healthier work-life balance, and trust, they want to work harder for you. You care about them, they care about your business. It’s just that simple.

If you also want to get into the more tactile reasons that hybrid work is more productive, consider travel and prep time too. Instead of driving to work, driving home, walking to meetings, and more, people can simply join meetings when needed and then pop back onto whatever task they were working on. Much less downtime.

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While working from home is amazing for both employers and employees, humans are social animals.

Workplace culture isn’t something that will just happen naturally, you need to work at it. This goes double for businesses with a hybrid or fully-remote schedule. Having even a single day a week when the team is physically together solving problems, does wonders for a team’s sense of commitment and comradery. Even renting a room once a month can be an excellent opportunity to keep company culture alive.


There are certainly businesses out there that live and die on their ability to network. Coworking spaces have the obvious benefit of naturally gathering some of the best business and the brightest minds together in one place.

However, networking often reaches beyond the obvious as well. We have lost track of how many times people met with a company, business, or industry without even realizing how important that connection could be.


Business goes up, business goes down. It’s hard to know which way the wind is blowing sometimes, so being agile is typically the best approach. Why sign a 5-year lease on an office space if you’re unsure whether you’re going to outgrow it in 3? Why pay for 5000 square feet now, when you really only need 3000? Why not go with the place that can grow with you, whenever you’re ready and not a moment sooner (or too late)?

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