Is coworking for me

Is Coworking For Me?

Whether you’re flying solo or have a small team behind you, you might be wondering: is coworking for me?

There are numerous benefits to switching from a home-based operation to one that utilizes a coworking office space. From cost to comfort, here are the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to make the jump to your local business centre.

Where Do I Normally Work?

For those just starting out, the answer to that question is usually one of two places: at home or at your favourite coffee shop.

At Home

If you’re working at home, the next question is where exactly in your home are you working? You might have carved out your own office space, or maybe you just work from bed. While staying in your pyjamas all day is nice, it can ultimately affect your state of mind and keep you from being as productive as possible.

Coffee Shop

You may have already identified that you get less work done when you’re at home and made the move to a public space. It might be your favourite local joint, but let’s get real, it’s probably Starbucks.

If you’re spending a few hours a day, Monday to Friday, at Starbucks, you’re also spending money on coffee. Let’s say (very) conservatively you buy one coffee each day. Even if it’s the cheapest cup on the menu, that’s over 50 dollars a month. That money could be much better spent securing your place at a coworking office space (where the coffee is free and unlimited).

Do I Need To Sustain Low Overhead?

Whether your team is growing or you’re making the change to add a degree of professionalism to your business, an office is an expensive proposition. You’re not even sure if now is the time.

You want a centralized location to do business, a place to hold internal discussions, and a professional atmosphere to meet with potential clients. However, signing a lease for your own office space is not only expensive, but it’s a huge commitment.

A co-working space solves all those problems in a more cost-effective and far less committal way.

Does My Business Require More Of My Time?

One of the oft-forgotten aspects of running an office or conducting business at home is the time required for set-up, clean-up, and maintenance.

Instead of spending the first 20 minutes of your day setting up, imagine walking into your new office with a fresh pot of coffee brewed, desk cleared, and you’re ready to get down to business immediately.

Managing an office also means additional stress. You’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is if the utility bill was paid on time.

Do I Value Outside Insight

No one is an expert in everything.

When it comes to your product, service, and business, you know all there is to know. However, overextending yourself is futile. Being a jack of all trades means you’re a master of none.

A Business Centre is more than a place to just clock in, put your head down, and ignore the world. It’s a place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, bounce ideas off each other, and gain the valuable insight that only comes with an outside perspective.

If the answers to these questions have pointed you in one direction, it’s time to visit SuiteWorks.

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